Zutaten für einen Kräutergarten auf der Fensterbank: Ein Blumenkasten, Gießkanne, kleine Schaufel und zwei junge Grünpflanzen.

A herb garden on your windowsill

Spring has sprung and the current situation ensures that we are paying particular attention to our gardens. Enjoying the sun, leaving your worries behind – gardening promises all of this. But what can you do if you don’t have your own garden or balcony? Simply bring your garden inside to your windowsill!

The windowsill offers more possibilities than you might imagine. Success can be achieved quickly, even with a small space. A herb garden with your own chives, basil or oregano is a nice start.

You can grow the plants from seeds or use pot plants. You can create colourful assortments of flowers, harvest vegetables and much more.

Herbs grow well from seeds. It is best to use decomposable growing pots for this. Photo: Lisa Ahrens

Growing plants from seed

Growing plants from seeds works very well on inside windowsills. Thanks to the warmer and more constant temperatures there, many gardeners also prefer to grow their seedlings on windowsills from February onwards.

It’s important to use high quality soil and ensure the right conditions. To do this, simply take into account the information on the seed packet and choose the seed appropriate for the available location.

Seeing a complete plant grow from a single seed is truly exciting and you really get a small sense of achievement!

Mint, chives, basil and parsley can be planted next to each other in the mini herb garden on the windowsill. Photo: Lisa Ahrens

A herb garden from pot plants

You can always use and plant pot plants if you don’t want to grow your windowsill garden from seeds. In doing so, you can create a small green oasis without the long wait.

How much sun does the herb garden need?

High-quality herbs are now available in every well-stocked supermarket. It’s also a good idea here, too, to find out in advance which herbs are suitable for the location. Most herbs like it sunny. If you only have a shady place available, this shouldn’t be an obstacle for windowsill gardening. There are many plants that thrive in the shade or partial shade, such as mint, parsley or wild garlic.

If you’re lucky enough to have a free windowsill in the kitchen that also gets some sun, this is the perfect place for your herb garden. The herbs can be harvested from the plant pot directly onto the plate.

The right care for the herb garden on the windowsill

Here, too, you should use soil suitable for herbs or growing for planting, ensure the pots have good drainage and give the plants enough space to grow.

Plants don’t like to be waterlogged. Therefore, always make sure that excess water is able to drain easily. To do this, first add a layer of pebbles or clay and then the soil in the pot. If you find it difficult to water your plants regularly, containers with reservoirs are worth considering.

Often forgotten: The outside window sill can also be used as a space for the mini herb garden. Caution: Be sure to use flower box brackets. Photo: Lisa Ahrens

Use the outside windowsill

You can use the outside windowsill, in addition to the inside one, from mid-May. There are special window box holders for this, which secure the pots and keep them in place even when it’s windy.

The space in front of the window is often not given a thought at all, however, it’s also a great place to plant a small garden. In addition to the classic herb garden, an assortment of flowers for bees is always a good idea. There can never be enough of these, especially in the city – and you have a nice view of the lively hustle and bustle outside the window.

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